snuggle up buttercup | marin headlands engagement photos

I was looking back over all my work from 2018 and realized there are SOOO many shoots from throughout the year that I never got around to blogging including this fun engagement session back in August.

On a warm, sunny afternoon last summer, Tiff & Chen picked me up from my hotel in San Francisco and we headed out to the Marin Headlands with visions of a bright, cheerful shoot (hence the flowery sleeveless dress).  But, as it happens often with this particular spot, when we arrived it was foggy, cold and WINDY.  Perhaps it wasn’t ideal weather for the photos we had in mind but, like I like to say, the conditions were perfect to snuggle up buttercup!  Tiff and Chen were gold medal champs in the good sports category.  They laughed, they danced, they pretended they weren’t freezing their butts off and they had so much fun together.  And, in the end, I think we still got the bright and cheerful photo we were after.


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