Pictures of You: The Ogata-Gochez Family

When I arrived at the Ogata-Gochez Family’s home in Altadena, CA on a warm summer evening last year, I found them hanging outside, Kris and Auggie zipping around their little alcove on their skateboards while Natalie lulled Sol on a tree swing just outside their front door, and I instantly felt welcomed into their love-filled, easy-going space which, in turn, was so inspiring to simply sit back (from at least six feet away), observe and photograph.  I hope that all comes through in these images!

Back at the time of our little shoot, I asked Natalie what lessons she had learned from the experience of living through the pandemic and here’s what she shared, which I think is something we have all taken away universally from the past 18 months.

“I need to live in the moment and slow down. I was always on the go and I didn’t value the simple things. Just being with family and having our health is the most important to us.”
– Natalie Gochez

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