pictures of you: the flores family

What I found remarkable through the experience of photographing my Pictures of You Project, this time last year, was just how much COVID had impacted everyone universally.  Everyone around the world was being affected by the pandemic.  Everyone’s lives had stopped.  And then, as the months went by, the way we experienced this unprecedented and historical time began to vary as people emerged with new perspective and new priorities.  And, so many made big life changes, like relocating to other parts of the country, that I think will redefine our world as we know it in the years to come.  We are still collectively living through a period of great transition for our country as we shift geographically, politically and socially.  My hope is that we come out the other end having grown and evolved for the better.

This next set of images from the project are of the Flores Family who live in Monrovia, CA.  Here is a bit of how life has changed for them since we took these photos about a year ago:

“Life after the pandemic has slowly started to go back to normal. We went from being home all day with our girls to ‘back to normal.’ And yet, the ‘normal’ we knew then is not the ‘normal’ we are experiencing now. Days seem shorter because our lives have suddenly become busier with slowly returning to work, school, and the normal hustle and bustle of life. When we see our friends and family now, there is a new sense of anxiety lingering in the air when we greet each other. Not knowing if a hug is appropriate or if a fist pump will do. We have been expected to return to work and yet somehow school our child at home. And yet, thankfully we’ve survived it all. The lessons we’ve learned through it will forever be engraved in our hearts. Love hard and with a passion, live life fully, embrace the simplicity, work hard, be humble, and be kind.”
Wendy Flores

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