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I used to follow photographers who would be like, “I have so many shoots I want to blog, I don’t know where to begin!”  And, I would think, “I wonder what that’s like?”  Well, now I know because it’s totally me right now!  Haha!  I have really had some beautiful shoots lately and want to share them all!  The trick is finding the time to sit down and put them together.  So, I’m pushing my other obligations aside for a moment to share one of my absolute favorite family sessions so far this year.

The Armstrong Family reached out to me for photos over the summer.  They live in San Antonio, TX and each year they take their kids to a new and different locale for a few weeks each summer.  And, while they’re there, they do a family photo shoot!  How cool is that?  In the past, they’ve gone to Barcelona, the Bahamas and Wyoming.  This year they chose Los Angeles and I was lucky enough to be their photographer.  They were staying in the Venice Beach area and so we met up just up the road at the Santa Monica Pier, possibly one of the most iconic places in all of LA.  I love how much variety we got in their photos and I am still swooning over that divine sunset light!  Heart eyes times infinity!


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