all the sun

I LOVE photographing people doing things they really, actually like to do together. To me, it makes the photos so much more timeless and meaningful than a scenic setting just for the sake of a pretty background. Such was the case with Sarah and Kevin’s maternity photos. One of their favorite things to do is ride their bikes down to the beach and so, duh, that’s what we did… at golden hour, double duh! And, it was perfect!

And, I gotta say this set of photos makes me so happy.  They just might be my favorite maternity photos I’ve taken to date maybe because they are everything I love about LA… They are bright, colorful, relaxed, warm, easy going, fun and full of so much that beautiful sun.  It may also be because the photos seem to capture Sarah and Kevin so well, and that’s just as beautiful to me as all the sun and light in the world.


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