love languages

This is a busy time of year for engagement sessions, which I love!  They are one of my favorite things to photograph.  They give me a chance to get to know my clients ahead of their wedding day and they are super fun (once we get warmed up and past the I’m-getting-my-photo-taken jitters).

Speaking of love, it’s Valentine’s Day!  And, I thought today of all days would be an appropriate time to share one of said engagement sessions.  Last year, I learned a bit about love languages (which I found fascinating) and that changed a lot of how I approach my shoots with couples.  I love looking for ways to show how each couple expresses their love to one another and not forcing my ideas of what love should look like upon them.   As a result, hopefully, we come away with images that reflect their unique relationship and that feel real, natural and like them.   I think these photos from my afternoon with Claire and Justin do a pretty good job.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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