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I love taking photos of families having fun outdoors but I LOVE being able to photograph families in their homes even more. It’s probably the photojournalist in me, but I want to capture candid, natural, beautiful photos of my family clients and there’s no better place to achieve that than at home.  It’s amazing how much more relaxed and comfortable it can make everyone feel and it comes across in the photos.  It really makes a difference.  I think it’s also such a great gift for kids to have beautiful photos of their family in their childhood home to have when they’re older.  It’s just so special!

Case in point, this sweet shoot with one of my favorite families to celebrate their little baby Hazel’s arrival.   It was a big snuggle-fest in mom and dad’s bedroom and it was just the way I like my family photo sessions to be… fun, relaxed and full of love, love, love.



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